Environmental Auditing

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Eneyserv Limited offers an environmental audit service that includes environmental due diligence, environmental health and safety (EHS) compliance and management system audits. It also extends to progressing single-issue audits, such as those that may be encountered as part of corporate governance reviews and supply-chain assessments. Eneyserv has extensive experience of supporting clients’ internal audit functions, for example by providing guidance on legislative requirements in many jurisdictions globally. Eneyserv carries out and manages the full environmental or EHS audit process using an integrated-team approach for each assignment. By combining our responsiveness with a dedicated project manager and experienced specialist consultants, and through close liaison with a client, the process can be undertaken in an efficient and cost effective manner.

We adopt a technically rigorous approach to assess the potential environmental risks and associated liabilities; we also recognise how to focus on what is material to each specific project and to incorporate the value-drivers established with the client. We are also able to draw on Eneyserv’s wider expertise in specialist markets such as renewable energy, environmental technologies, waste management and the built environment. Hence, in addition to the more traditional environmental liability issues, we can also review what may be considered the developing longer term liabilities. For example, those linked to climate change mitigation or adaptation.

As a systematic, independent and documented process that identifies potential Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) risks and liabilities that can impact a business. Such audits are often used to evaluate the management priorities and associated costs for the business going forward. Eneyserv audits can be broad in scope, addressing all activities at a facility depending on client’s request and specification. We can undertake specific tasks like waste management or emissions monitoring procedures. Eneyserv offers specifications on audit framework or approach that can be applicable to different sectors. Our approach can prevent duplication and also maximise the robustness of the audit with a more effective allocation of resources.

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