Life Cycle Assessment

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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the standard methods to quantify and manage the environmental impacts of a given product, decision or action along the different lifecycle stages. Eneyserv Limited provides strong, global expertise in LCA services, including full LCA, environmental labelling, environmental product declarations (EDP), product environmental profiling (PEP), eco-design and sustainable design. Our clients in this service include private companies and non-government organisations. We are in the process of expanding our service to government entities and institutions.


With LCA assessment, users can:

  • Quantify and manage aspects of the environmental sustainability of products, services, and operations along the different lifecycle phases.
  • Identify significant environmental impacts of products at all stages of their lifecycle.
  • Identify opportunities to improve the environmental aspects at various stages of the product lifecycle by implementing eco-design practices to encourage increased efficiency and innovation.
  • Compare products internally to find sustainable improvements easy to apply in-house.
  • Promote demand for products that have fewer adverse environmental impacts.
  • Prepare environmental action plans and manage risks.
  • Optimise the procurement process.
  • Communicate environmental initiatives and answer stakeholder demands.
  • Comply with regulations and gain competitive advantage.
  • Integrate environmental management into core business, and
  • Improve return on investment.

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